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California Proposition 72 and Rainwater Capture Systems

If you have considered adding a rainwater capture system to your property, you'll want to check out and vote on Proposition 72, on the ballot this June. A yes vote would allow the State Legislature to exclude rainwater capture systems from being considered new construction and increasing your property's taxable value. According to Ballotpedia, there…
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April Tips of the Month

Announcements In the Months of APRIL and MAY we will set aside a few days for aerating and fertilizing your lawn UPON REQUEST.  What is aeration?  Technically speaking, aeration is the naturally occurring process of air exchange between the soil and its surrounding atmosphere.  Practically speaking, aeration is the process of mechanically removing small plugs of…
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May Plant of the Month: Fremontodendron ‘California Glory’

Our May Plant of the Month, Fremontodendron 'California Glory' is a large evergreen shrub reaching 20 feet tall and wide at maturity. The dark-green to grey-green leaves are deeply lobed and covered with velvety brown hairs. In spring through summer, this plant puts on quite a show with tons of 3-4 inch lemon-yellow flowers often rimmed in a reddish-orange. This Flannel…
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