February Tips of the Month

Use our February Tips as you're gardening this month.


Try growing potatoes that have stuck around your kitchen long enough to start sprouting at the eyes. Cut the potatoes into pieces with at least one sprout and let callous for a few days.


Plant in the ground 4 inches deep by the third week of February. Potatoes need regular water, but be sure not to water more than weekly unless leaves are withering in heat, or the potatoes will rot. The potatoes will be ready to harvest when leaves have turned yellow and begin to wither, typically around the first frost in fall.

Sow seeds for leafy greens like collards, lettuce, and swiss chard. They grow almost year-round here, but make for some hearty omelets on cold mornings.leafy-greens



Pests that appear on lush new spring growth are eliminated or greatly reduced by properly applying dormant sprays now.  They effectively kill the over wintering eggs of aphids, mites, most scales, plus many other pests and some plant diseases that are now in their most vulnerable stage. For most fruit trees apply a fixed copper or a lime-sulfur mixed with horticultural oil.  For apricots use only fixed copper.  The lime-sulfur may kill the apricot tree.

 Apple tree buds

WHEN TO TREAT: After the leaves drop or just before the tender buds begin to swell and open.  Avoid treatment just prior to rain as this will reduce its efficacy.



Prune trees now, well before the buds and leaves expand.  

Roses need pruning in late winter once the buds swell and after the last frost.

Fruit trees need pruning for maximum production.RainBoots


Last of all, it's a great time to find rain boots at affordable prices. They are the perfect gardening accessory because the are so easy to wash off after a day in the dirt! Happy gardening this February!