December Tips of the Month

snowy ManzanitaEach month brings seasonal changes to your landscape, even here on the Central Coast. Keep up with what's going on in your garden with our Tips of the Month!


Save Water During the Winter Months - Despite our warmer weather on the central coast, now is the ideal time to make adjustments to irrigation timers and components. This will reduce unnecessary watering. Our maintenance crews will adjust your timers provided they are accessible.


Care for Christmas Trees - To prolong the freshness of a cut tree, saw an inch off the bottom of the trunk, and store the tree in a bucket of water in a shady area outdoors. An anti-transpirant may be applied to the foliage to prolong the life of the tree. Anti-transpirants reduce the loss of water from the leaves, and are available at your local nursery. When ready to bring indoors, saw off another inch of the trunk before setting the tree in a stand filled with water. Pour a can of 7-Up into the reservoir (sugar water). Keep the reservoir full and check it daily.

Protect Frost-Sensitive Plants - Move tender or young plants under eaves or indoors when cold weather is predicted.  Use a fertilizer rich in calcium to help protect the plants from the cold. Mature plants can be covered with sheets or small lights. Remember to uncover the plants in the morning and turn the lights off.

Trimming and Shaping Dormant Shrubs and Trees - If you have dormant trees such as Japanese maples or barberry shrubs now is a good time to trim unwanted small branches and shape to your desire without any repercussions.  If you are not sure what types of plants go dormant give us a call or contact your local nursery. We offer services to prune your fruit trees and would be happy to do this for you.


December Gardening- Now is a great time to look for bareroot plants such as roses, berry plants, asparagus and fruit trees. Contact your local nursery for more information. Also look for bulbs like hyacinth, narcissus, tulips and crocus. For bulbs that need extra cold temperatures or vernalization, place bulbs in your refrigerator away from vegetables. This will ensure better production and enjoyment as these bulbs originate from colder climatic regions.

Mulching- Replenish mulch about 2” in areas needed to prevent weed seeds from coming up and provide frost protection to plants.