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February Tips of the Month

Planting Winter / Fall Annuals - Fill in bare spots with calendula, cineraria, Iceland poppy, nemesia, pansy, primrose, snapdragon, stock, sweet pea, and viola. Cool Seasons Vegetables - Plant seeds of beets, carrots, chives, endive, kale, lettuce, fennel, mustard, leeks, green onion, radishes, parsley, peas, Swiss chard, and spinach. Also set out seedlings of broccoli,…
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January Tips of the Month

January 2016 Tips of the Month - Happy New Year from All Seasons Gardening & Landscaping!   DORMANT SPRAY FRUIT TREES Pests that appear on lush new spring growth are eliminated or greatly reduced by properly applying dormant sprays now.  They effectively kill the over wintering eggs of aphids, mites, most scales, plus many other…
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