Heuchera – May Plant of the Month

Heuchera – May Plant of the Month

Heuchera – Coral Bells & Alum Root

Heucheras are herbaceous, perennial natives perfect for adding a drop of color to shaded and cool sun corners. White, pink, or almost red flowers adorn them in spring to late summer. A large variety are grown for their colorful foliage, although not all are strong performers as perennials. Here we will show you a few California native varieties that will do well in drought conscious gardens.

Heuchera Canyon Series are a standout group of hybrids. The leaves will grow between 3-6″ tall and 1-2′ wide. Leaves are medium green and rounded.

Heuchera, Canyon Series,

Canyon Series Heuchera

There are three varieties that have 1/2″ flower clusters above 16-20″ stems. H. ‘Canyon Pink’ is a medium toned pink, ‘Canyon Delight’ has rosy red flowers, and ‘Canyon Belle’ is a deeper red. Smaller varieties that max out at 12″ and all have bi-colored white and pink flowers that display differently- ‘Canyon Chimes’, ‘Canyon Duet’, and ‘Canyon Melody’.

Heuchera maxima, the Island Root Alum, is a California native hailing from the Channel Islands. The foliage forms clumps between 1-2′ tall and that reach 3-4′ wide over time. Leaves are dark green, lobed with a rounded cordate shape. Hundreds of small white to pinkish flowers emerge in spring on branched clusters reaching up to 2 1/2′. This herbaceous perennial makes a nice, loose groundcover in a woodland garden.

heuchera, Island alumn root

Heuchera maxima

If you are looking for the colorful hybrids, we do have some suggestions of varieties we’ve found to be more reliable in Central Coast gardens. Heuchera ‘Palace Purple’ is a shiny, rich purple with bronze tones. It retains color best if given full sun to part shade. Heuchera ‘Chocolate Ruffles’ is a chocolaty marron variety with ruffled edges that show off the purple underside of leaves. Spikes are purple and have purplish, pink flowers. Either of these look great with a pop of chartreuse from Golden Creeping Jenny.


Heuchera ‘Chocolate Ruffles’

There are so many other varieties we could share with you, but these are our best bets for year-round color. If you’re interested in finding more, look here. Which heuchera will you give a shot this May?




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